Third Party Inspection / NDT Services

QIMS and AV Engineers offer third-party inspection and NDT across sectors. Solar, cement, sugar, chemical, pharmaceutical, power generating, maritime, oil, gas, petroleum installations, pressure vessels, and boilers are inspected. We test power lines, transformers, control panels and transmission towers for solar and electricity plants.

Services we offer

Vendor Development: We establish quality vendor networks.

Total Quality Management: Inspections follow stringent quality requirements.

Pre-evaluation, Inspection, and Expediting: We evaluate vendors and expedite inspections to meet project deadlines.

Pre-shipping Inspection: We check products for quality.

ASME sec. IX electrical and instrumentation material, welding, testing, and welder approval are inspected.

We inspect painting, coating, mechanical, and valve quality and integrity.

Lifting Equipment Inspection and Calibration: We ensure safety and compliance.

NDT Inspection and Testing: Radiography, ultrasonic, dye penetration, magnetic particle, and eddy current testing find defects and check structural integrity.

Documentation: Manufacturing-standard paperwork ensures compliance and traceability.

AV Engineer’s third-party inspection and NDT services guarantee project quality, safety, and compliance.

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